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Questions and Answers

What are PLAY Tokens?

PLAY Tokens are our platform’s primary utility token. Playing our games by spending PLAY mines REWARD Tokens at the highest rate of all tokens!

What are REWARD (RWD) Tokens?

The RWD Tokens are just that, REWARDS! You can use them to buy tickets for the Weekly Reward Pool Party (more info post launch), the FOMO3D game (coming soon), and additional benefits that will be provided in the future.

Where can I purchase PLAY?

Currently you can buy PLAY from the PLAY MARKET.

How do I login to the PLAY GOC site?

Install the TronLink Wallet Extension for Google Chrome and import your wallet containing the token you’d like to use on the PLAY GOC site into TronLink. Our site uses Tronlink to automatically authenticate your login, no more email/password hassle!

How Do I swap my TRC10 WIN tokens for PLAY?

Login to your Tronlink wallet and go to https://play.goc.network/player/swap-tokens/

Where do I change my username (Beta)?

Go to https://play.goc.network/player/ then scroll down to “Update your profile,” enter your new name in the field then click the “update” button.

How do I display my TRC20 token balance in tronlink wallet?

TRC 20 Custom Token (Contract) Addresses need to be added manually to tronlink (in the custom trc20 token address box in the tokens tab) using the following addresses below:

  • PLAY: TYbSzw3PqBWohc4DdyzFDJMd1hWeNN6FkB
  • REWARD: TNqTBMGzmwPje1TNsoUMwv2gMmQij1YkwC
  • GOC: TYe6uNj7jxkwy28yXeLPs6KDLZCuUjXvgd
  • ANTE: TCN77KWWyUyi2A4Cu7vrh5dnmRyvUuME1E
  • IGG: TVQ6jYV5yTtRsKcD8aRc1a4Kei4V45ixLn
  • LVH: TGbhcodQ1jRWB3ZywmfwsRTh4rwbiL2mzh

If you have difficulty adding your TRC20 token to tronlink, please follow our guide by clicking the following link: https://t.me/PLAYCommunityTRC20Tronlink

Why do I need bandwidth and energy to deposit and withdraw from PLAY GOC?

All TRC20 transactions require both bandwidth and energy. Bandwidth to gas the transaction and energy to run the smart contract. If you don’t have TRX frozen into bandwidth and energy then TRX will be burned from your wallet to fuel the transaction. It is STRONGLY advised that you keep a minimum of 100 TRX in your wallet at all times just in case you don’t have enough of either.

What is the total supply of PLAY?

The total supply of PLAY is 10,000,000,000

What is the current circulating supply of PLAY?

The current circulating supply of PLAY is 5,000,000,000

What is the total supply of REWARD (RWD)?

The total supply for Reward is 1,000,000,000

What is the circulating supply of REWARD (RWD)?

The circulating supply of REWARD begins at ‘0’ and is mined through PLAY.

How do I become eligible for the REWARD (RWD) airdrops?

You are eligible for daily random airdrops of REWARD (RWD) token just for having at least 1 million play deposited and rewards scale up for each 1 million PLAY held in site wallet.

I have discovered a bug or have lost funds due to a bug, where can I go for help?

We have a bug smashing channel dedicated to your feedback on general bug related issues as well as loss of funds due to bugs which can be found in the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/IF2rpxD9_DIznxtXF4bz0w

What is “TronWin (WIN),” is that you?

No. They’re a different project with a similar name to our old Token. Our old TRC20 token, “WIN” was retired as of December 21st, 2018 and all holders of that token were airdropped 10x their holdings of WIN Tokens in PLAY Tokens. We no longer use our old WIN TRC20 tokens.