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Provably Fair
Auto Bet
Stop Loss
55 Guess
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Bet Amount
Win Chance 50%
Payout 2X
Payout on Win 20
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Win up to 3% stackable mining bonus for 3 hours.

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Play GOC built DICE with a top-notch user experience in mind. Where other online casinos and crypto casinos offer a more basic game, Play takes it further with stunning results. Responsive, sleek and colourful UI with blazing speed, customized to work with multiple TRC20 and TRC10 standard tokens, DICE is engrossing, fun and quick to get started with. All a user must do is install TronLink as a Google Chrome browser extension, deposit their tokens into their personal wallet on our platform, select which token they would like to play with, and off they go! Depositing and withdrawing from our platform is a quick and easy process.

DICE is integrated with our unique multi-token mining system, which allows users to play our games with a wide variety of tokens including TRX, IGG, BTT, LVH, SEED and our native PLAY token, and ‘mine’ Reward (RWD) while they play. The RWD can be used in Reward Parties, where users will be airdropped a mix of all the mined tokens on the platform or held to sell on the Play Market. More and more tokens will be added and will be one of the very few online gambling casinos that accept BTC, ETH and EOS in the near future. Play GOC will feature user profiles, a levelling system and badges, expanded chat capabilities, more and more games including ones with multiplayer elements, mining boosts, purchasable bonuses, achievements, and more. Once you start playing our crypto games you will see our unrivalled quality for yourself, which is also matched by our outstanding customer support.

Cryptocurrency opened the door for a staggering level of innovation, and TRON Foundation blew that door off its hinges, building a DApp platform and decentralized eco-system rivalling all others. With their acquisition of BitTorrent and constant efforts to expand crypto into torrents and the wider world. We are poised to achieve the sort of mass adoption Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum have for years worked to gain. Play GOC believes we can top TRX, ETH and EOS as we operate primarily off chain and as we don't accept fiat currencies and payments options including credit cards you can very quickly join us and play.

We are thrilled to build and develop classic casino table games, boost betting and give users more fun ways to gamble. But also, to expand our casino site beyond classic games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and our slot game to feature a wider variety of content. We look forward to continuing to contribute to this great cause of global crypto adoption. With Play GOC, blockchain gaming has never looked this good or worked so well.

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