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Play our Plinko game today!

Plinko is a very simple but extremely enjoyable crypto game, we've added a twist where you drop emojis from the top and watch them randomly bounce all the way to the bottom! Once it reaches the bottom, the slot that it falls into corresponds to a pay-out value. This game is extremely simple, entertaining, and a lot of its popularity comes from Japan as there are many Plinko game centres all over the country. Are you ready to give it a shot?

Plinko is integrated with our unique multi-token mining system, which allows users to play our games with a wide variety of tokens including TRX, IGG, BTT, LVH, SEED and our native PLAY token, and ‘mine’ Reward (RWD) while they play. The RWD can be used in Reward Parties, where users will be airdropped a mix of all the mined tokens on the platform or held to sell on the Play Market. More and more tokens will be added and will be one of the very few online gambling casinos that accept BTC, ETH and EOS in the near future. Play GOC will feature user profiles, a levelling system and badges, expanded chat capabilities, more and more games including ones with multiplayer elements, mining boosts, purchasable bonuses, achievements, and more. Once you start playing our crypto games you will see our unrivalled quality for yourself, which is also matched by our outstanding customer support.

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